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The Wall Street English Experience

Reasons to learn with Wall Street English

We offer you a personalized English learning experience. We understand that learning a new language can be hard and that’s why we offer small classes, a dedicated staff member to support you and a personalized schedule.

That means that you can start learning English at any time of year, you can study at any time of the day and you can fit your learning around your schedule. We have a range of levels from beginner to advanced so that you will have a learning program specifically for what you need.


It’s the experience you will have at Wall Street English that will lead you to success!

What is it like to be a Wall Street English student?

You can see from our testimonials that our students love learning with us. 96% of students would recommend us to their friends because our course offers the best experience and the best success! Wall Street English is about creating opportunities for you by teaching you English. The centers, Social Clubs and Global Online Community combine to make your experience the best it can be.

  • Diana Moise, Wall Street English Venezuela student quote

    Learning English with Wall Street English has helped me find a new job. I work now in an American airline company and my job is mostly in English.

    Diana Moise, Wall Street English Venezuela student

  • A-Ngoon, Wall Street English Thailand student quote

    Studying at Wall Street English has helped me to be confident, to be brave, and to have the ability to do what I have never imagined I could do. I’m not afraid of speaking to foreigners, dealing with others in English and traveling abroad alone anymore.

    A-Ngoon, Wall Street English Thailand student

  • Deissy Costanza Reyes, Wall Street English Colombia student quote

    I fell happy to be one step closer to my dream. Everything started more than one year ago, and now I have a good score in the IELTS exam, for this reason I can now apply for European Universities.

    Deissy Costanza Reyes, Wall Street English Colombia student

We will nurture you. We will inspire you. You will succeed in learning English.


Our Centers

Our centers offer a warm, inviting place for you to study and learn. They offer a complete immersion experience as we only speak English in our centers so it’s an easy place to practice in a friendly environment. Our dedicated teams are available to help you learn as soon as you walk through the door. All our centers are full of energy and a passion for English. Here you will meet people who all have the same goal as you – to learn English for real-life situations. They are located in convenient areas and have easy access to public transportation. You can come to our centers to study, meet with teachers and staff, or to just hang out with your friends. They are never dull places, so come along and join in the fun.

Social Clubs

Each of our centers have Social Club classes which are at the heart of the student community. There are many different types of Social Club classes which offer fun activities in English in center or outside. This gives you the chance to meet new people and practice your English with others who are studying the language. Events like movie nights, cooking classes, social nights out, help you to practice English in a fun and relaxed environment!


Global Online Community

We’ve taken our center experience and re-created it online with a global community that can be accessed from anywhere in the world. Connect with students and teachers from around the world in a safe, supportive online environment.

In our online community you can:

  • Find additional educational materials
  • Join discussions in English on topics that interest you
  • Get study tips from the community
  • Find answers to  questions you have about English
  • Meet and chat with other Wall Street English students from around the world

Want to start learning today?

Our course offers the ideal opportunity for you to learn English in a supportive environment. Make the most of our curriculum based, fun and entertaining studies.

Start Learning