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General English for adults

Get the support you need to learn English

Learning something new is hard. English is no different. At Wall Street English you can be confident to get the support you need to achieve your goals.

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Let’s Break Through a New Future with Wall Street English


Do you want to learn English? You can learn English for travel, business or for socializing with family and friends. 

Learning English can change your future, and we know how to help you succeed in it.  Learn English today and achieve your dreams !


Join over 180,000 students learning English worldwide

Our Method

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Why Should I Learn English at Wall Street English ?

  97% Success

  A method based on oral

  English language teachers

  English classes in mini group

  24-hour remote access

  A progression at your own pace

  Individual follow-up

  Eligible trainings at CPF

03/04/2019 By emna hussein

Wall Street English Tunisia is pleased to announce the opening of its second center in Menzah 6, on the coattails of the very...

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20/02/2019 By emna hussein

To learn our native language, we go through four basic steps, starting from listening to learn our language, speaking it, rea...

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20/02/2019 By emna hussein

Take initiatives to be confident and speak as often as possible with people around you: your teachers, friends, classmates, o...

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