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Are we lucky to have business in Africa?

23/01/2020 By

The thriving entrepreneurship culture in Africa is becoming more and more noticeable. Nowadays, many promising African entrepreneurs have emerged onto the business scene, proving themselves to be fierce competitors in the international market and gaining a reputation.


       To highlight this particular topic, Wall Street English Menzah 6 invited the Chairman of Soran Group, Mr. Karim Aouij to share his experience. The event was held on January 8th at 6pm and grabbed the attention of many intrigued students. Our guest speaker fielded many questions from students, fueling their enthusiasm in the world of African business.

According to our guest speaker, having a successful business in Africa lies within the power of networking or what he called “shaking  hands,” emphasizing that the model of  can be expanded upon in other countries. He then illuminated key concepts in the world of business such as self-reliance, trust, share and travel. Then he spoke about the most important value :the power of empathy and trustability. Here he continued by indicating his overwhelming desire to share his business hacks and overall professional experience with the rest of the African countries.


To answer some of our students questions, our guest speaker emphasized that the essence of entrepreneurship success lies within opting for the right career choices while not being afraid to take some calculated risks. At this point, he highlighted his own journey, starting from humble beginnings to his rise as the entrepreneur he is today. Not just any entrepreneur; an African one.


       To conclude, launching an international company based in Tunisia takes a lot of courage and dedication to the craft. A pioneer in his domain, our guest speaker certainly gave a powerful example of Tunisian leadership.



Video of the event

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