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Cool Up: with Karim Kouki and DJ Tora

18/09/2019 By

It was the End of the Summer, almost back to school, people anxious to get ready, others very excited to get back. Wall Street English Menzah 6 aimed to celebrate going back to school in its way by hosting the Cool Up event– an evening full of games, music, and fun with Karim Kouki and DJ Tora.

It was a Friday evening, September the 6th, when students, parents, teenagers, and working professionals all joined in this celebration. The evening started with people socializing, networking and getting to know each other in an English speaking environment– it wasn’t only about fun; it was also about learning. WSE’s students got the chance to have fun while at the same time practicing their English language. This is one of Wall Street English’s goal- to provide its students with a natural English speaking space.

Karim Kouki moderated a series of fun games where people competed to solve English riddles and did karaoke battles. It was the highlight of the night, everyone competed to win free courses at Wall Street English Tunisia.

It was a splendid event, people enjoyed the music and the beats of DJ Tora, tasty and crunchy snacks and fun games all in the vibrant atmosphere of Wall Street English Menzah 6.


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