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English on the go: Learn English even when you’re busy

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Immersion in the language is the greatest and most effective way to learn. Fully engaging in an all-English learning environment provides you with the fluency and language skills you’ve always aimed for. 

While reading that, we bet the first thing that popped into your mind was “a linguistic trip to an English-speaking country” right? 

Good guess. 

But, no. That’s not what we meant. In fact, you can immerse yourself in the language without traveling to another country and spending all of your savings. 

“Yeah, but I’m too busy with work and responsibilities, and I have a family to take care of. I can only dedicate a highly limited amount of time to learn English”, you may say. Well, worry not. This article is going to be your ultimate guide to learning English effortlessly.

Here are some language-learning tips that complement your English courses and that you can easily adapt to your day-to-day life:

1. Choose a movie in English for this weekend’s family time. However, make sure to put the subtitles in ENGLISH instead of other languages. This way you will be able to see the words you hear and thus, focus more on them and grasp them. When you watch videos with subtitles in another language, your mind will constantly try to translate. Thinking in English plays a big role in giving you fluency while translating will only tire your brain and result in mistakes, especially if your mother tongue is very different from English. 

2. If you’re keeping a diary, try to do it in English. This is an amazing opportunity to practice writing and to familiarize yourself with describing common routines and events. 

3. Label objects around the house in English.  Take small pieces of paper, write the names of different things and stick them on the objects they correspond to. Now, every time you go around the house, you will read those labels and memorize the vocabulary. Once you retain the names of the objects around the house, you can do the same in your office or your car. 

4. Listen to music in English. Find music in your favorite genre, get to know some English artists, pick some songs and try to memorize their lyrics. What makes this tip great is that you can listen to music anywhere and anytime. You can play it in your car on the way to work, in your office, while you’re cooking, etc.

5. If you’re not fond of music, try listening to podcasts and audiobooks. There are many people who are doing a great job talking about various topics. Find a podcast that highlights your favorite one and listen to it on your way to work. The same way there’s a plethora of books read with clear pronunciation that you can listen to on YouTube. Find one that you like and put it on while you’re preparing your kids’ snacks or while you’re working out. 

Creating an English learning environment is no longer considered rocket science with these simple tips. They work wonders combined with consistency and an ever-growing enthusiasm for English. We hope that these tricks were helpful to you. Do not forget to tell us which one is your favorite!


Written by Wissal Amaria



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