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Leadership and career development are two of the most engaging topics in the world of business. It’s especially insightful to hear about these topics from a female perspective.


Wall Street English Menzah 6 was honored by the presence of a very special guest speaker on the the 27th of November 2019. Her name is Najla Cherif Hamdi, the Country Chair of Sanofi Tunisia & Libya. Attracted by the topic, a large number of Wall Street English students attended the event. Noticeably enough, some of them made sure to invite their friends to join. She captured the audience’s attention from the very beginning of her speech. She provided valuable insight on the essence of leadership and career development by introducing some instrumental rules on how to lead. According to Ms. Najla, the first role lies within going after the things you want, thus, not obeying the rules blindly. She carried on by explaining that sometimes admitting that you are the problem is an essential prerequisite of good leadership.


The third rule is to take care of each other and the general power of empathy. “Be the last one to speak” is the fourth rule introduced by Ms. Najla. At this point, she focused on the model of the prominent leader Nelson Mandela. Our guest speaker finished her speech with a very strategic rule: “Always get prepared.” At this point, she mentvvioned that one the key elements of leadership is to thoroughly calculate every move before stepping into every new challenge.

A veteran in the world of business. Ms. Najla is a quintessential example of a successful woman that made it into business and proved herself over and over again throughout the years.





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