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Meet the Team

The Wall Street English Management Team has a unique blend of people who have direct experience working with Wall Street English centers and students in a variety of roles. This experience gives our Management Team a great perspective on the needs of our global staff and most importantly our students.

We are truly a global organization, with key management based in strategic locations around the world.

Meet our management team below!

Irina Cordall

  |  irina.cordall@wallstreetenglish.tn

Irina has been Service Manager at WSE Tunisia since March 2018. She has over ten years of teaching experience and is Cambridge DELTA qualified.
She also holds the position of Executive Director at Tunisia TESOL, an association of English-language teachers in Tunisia. Prior to WSE Tunisia, she worked as Program Manager at Tunis’ German Business School. Irina is originally from Russia but has lived in Tunisia for five years. She previously lived in the USA and Vietnam. 
She believes that Wall Street English is a unique environment, which makes learning English easier, pleasant and, most of all, fun.

Slim Fersi

  |  Slim.fersi@wallstreetenglish.tn

Slim is originally from Tunisia started his extensive career as a sales manager with Wall Street English Tunisia in September 2017.
He is an Experienced Account Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the telecommunications industry. He is also skilled in Negotiation, Microsoft Word, Sales, Sales Management, and Public Speaking. Strong sales professional, he was graduated from Habib Thameur University.
He holds the position of Technical support manager during 5 years at Planet Tunisia from 2004 to 2009. He worked as a Sales Manager at One TECH Business Solutions for 6 months. Sales Manager at KryptCom for 4 months and as Sales Engineer/ Account manager for 7 years and 6 months at UNISYS.
“It’s an amazing center that offers personalized courses to the students with a great environment of speaking English “Slim Fersi

Emna Hussein

  |  emna.hussein@wallstreetenglish.tn

Emna has joined Wall Street English Tunisia from September 2018 as a Marketing manager. Graduated from IHEC Tunis in the field of Marketing strategy and consulting and Master’s degree in Marketing from Paris Dauphine Paris.
She holds the position of e-CRM and e-retail at Chanel Paris, International Project Manager at Clarins FRAGRANCE and Web marketing at a private website sale.
Also, she has worked for 3 years as a Head of Digital department at Radio IFM.
As a Marketing Manager, Emna is responsible for overseeing the overall functionality of the marketing department. She will be responsible for overseeing the planning, development, and execution of the marketing and advertising initiatives.
Emna believes that we are A unique and excellent Brand in the education world. And it’s Innovative e-learning method that helps students to learn English in a funny way.

Dhia Ben Letaifa

  |  dhia.benletaifa@wallstreetenglish.tn

Dhia became CEO of Wall Street English Tunisia in October 2017.
Dhia worked as Customer Care Senior Manager/ Director of customer service for at OOREDO Tunisia. He also had the position of Senior Manager at Ooredoo Algeria for one year.    
He worked as Executive director with IntilQ Tunisia and Entrepreneur at TOP SKILLS SA for 4 months.
CCO at PLANET Tunisia, General Secretary for 2 years at ATUGE
Dhia was graduated as an IT engineer from INSA Toulouse and he’s an AUDIT master degree holder from HEC Paris.
Wall Street English Tunisia experienced tremendous growth under Dhia’s guidance. He expanded the name of the brand all over Tunis. And he’s preparing for the new center opening in Menzah 6 Tunis.
“Here at WSET, we help you to attend your personal and professional objectives with our e-learning blinded method “

Mervet Trabelsi

  |  mervet.trabelsi@wallstreetenglish.tn

Mervet has joined WSET in November 2018 as a sales manager.
She had 10 years’ experiences in different sales/commercials experiences with different companies:    in the Para pharmaceutical industry, as a senior sales executive at Golden Tulip and 2 years with Rakeen Congo company in Kinshasa Congo RDC.
“Our innovative blended learning method integrates the best of proven learning approaches to provide the most effective English language instruction for our students.” Said Mervet

Khalil Jallel

  |  jalel.khalil@wallstreetenglish.tn

Khalil joined Wall Street English Tunisia in February 2019.
He worked as a manager Process with All seas shipping agency for 1 year, Business care partner with Maersk for 2 years as an account manager at TLS team logistics services and responsible business with Regin AB. He has Master Degree of Business Administration (MBA) from MBA ESG, Master Degree in Marketing and International Relations from ESGCI and a Master Degree in Management and Business Administration from IHET.
Khalil likes the work environment at work street English and the services that we offer to our students.

Robert Bonomo

  |  robert.bonomo@wallstreetenglish.tn

Robert has been the service manager of Wall Street English Tunisia since March 2019. he was teaching in several universities, schools, and academics from different places such as Spain, China, and Russia.
A filmmaker, novelist, blogger and esotericism, originally from The United States of America, he has lived and worked in Luoyang, China, San Francisco, New York, Madrid, and many other places.
After a successful career in online marketing and advertising, he began blogging on all sorts of topics.  He has been published in very diverse media outlets, from Counterpunch to Info wars.
Robert is enjoying his experience as a teacher and service manager at Wall Street English, he finds WSE the perfect place to learn English on an international level
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