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Wall Street English Tunisia invited Nebil Belaam, CEO of Emrhod Consulting as a guest speaker in WSE Lac 1 to talk about his company Emrhod Consulting. He is also a representative of the European Association for Opinion and Marketing Studies (ESOMAR).


The event took place on November 13, 2019. Mr. Nebil started his presentation by giving an overview of the concept of surveys and their goals, as well as an overview of Emrhod’s surveying method. As a representative of ESOMAR, he answered questions from the attendees about the operation and techniques of the opinion polls.

Throughout the presentation, Nebil Belaam showcased the qualitative method, employed by Emrhod Consulting. This method uses techniques like focus groups and one-to-one interviews. He also discussed the quantitative method which is carried out from random samples, semi-random or quotas.


In the end Mr. Nebil Belaam announced the future projects of Emrhod Consulting: a new office will be opened in Casablanca, Morocco, in addition to Emrhod Algeria. Also, he mentioned that the African Association for Market Research (African Market Research Association-Amra) has been created to develop a network between the various African agencies.

The event ended with a celebration of Wall Street English’s 2nd anniversary, as WSE was inaugurated in November 2017.


Video of the event

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